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Contextual Advertising in User Generated SMS

Though mobile advertising presents performance opportunities over regular advertising mediums such as newspaper, magazines, billboards and television, it is plagued with issues of spam, privacy intrusion and nuisance value. is the 'Next Step' in mobile marketing wherein the users themselves opt-in to carry advertisements in their personal SMS. In exchange for this, the Users get to send SMS for free.

How does this work? Out of the 160 characters of a standard SMS, offers only 100 characters to the User to send out their personal SMS. The rest of the 60 characters are for YOU to send out your Advertisement based on the context of the SMS. This could be a brand awareness tagline, discount coupon (m-coupon), value-for-money offers etc.

This way you can reach out to a large audience without the hassle of sending out unsolicited promotional SMS messages or having to worry about mobile number database. Each User is a brand ambassador for you and his/her contacts serve as your dynamic mobile number database!

Advertisers get to reach their desired target segments with a precision never experienced in mass marketing or direct campaigns. gives advertisers the power to send an advertisement based on the context of the personal SMS in addition to deciding the location (mobile circle) and time of advertising. allows advertisers to control all aspects of the advertisement campaign. Our extensive reporting tools track the performance of your campaign - in Real-Time. This lets you respond to changes in the marketplace exactly as they happen so that you can continually improve your campaign performance.

Irrespective of your advertisement budget or the size of your business, offers you a great marketing opportunity. Dial +923112233868 or to contact us.