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Volunteer in HIV and AIDS Awareness in Kenya

Volunteer in an HIV education program in Kenya and devote your free time to playing a vital role in global efforts to end the AIDS epidemic. Despite the fact that HIV transmission can be prevented, each year millions of people become infected with the virus; in 2008 alone, there were 2.7 million new HIV infections.

In Kenya HIV is most prevalent amongst heterosexuals and is nearly two times higher among adult women compared to men. On a positive note, in recent times studies have shown improvement in the statistics of Kenyans being diagnosed with HIV. This is due to promising increases in behaviors that help slow the spread of HIV, including an increase in condom use, delay in sexual debut, and reduction in the number of sexual partners.

Education provided by dedicated local staff and volunteers with regard to the spread of HIV/AIDS is providing the people of Kenya with the skills and knowledge to avoid or reduce behaviors that carry a risk of HIV infection.

By becoming a volunteer in HIV/AIDS in Kenya you are ensuring that this education continues. Kenya has voluntary HIV testing centers where everyone can receive a free HIV test and counseling.

However, because these services are free, the centers have a large amount of patients, and not enough staff to accommodate them. Volunteers are placed here to help staff with administrative work, testing and education about HIV/AIDS awareness.

Patients testing positive for HIV/AIDS are often devastated by the results and may be shunned by their families and home communities. Because of the shortage of medical and counseling staff, volunteers are very much needed to assist in this difficult task.

Volunteers in HIV Awareness programs in Kenya will accompany the social workers for work mostly in schools, dispensaries and markets and occasional home visits. This project is aimed at providing correct information on HIV/AIDS and encouraging people to get tested for the virus as well as linking them to the available centers to receive treatment.

The field workers visit different clinics everyday and disseminate information about HIV/AIDS. Volunteers in HIV awareness projects will work alongside health care professionals and other volunteers to help educate the communities of Kenya on the importance of disease prevention and the awareness of HIV and AIDS. You will aid in all aspects of education on HIV and AIDS.

uVolunteer, an organization that offers Volunteer Abroad Opportunities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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