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The Top 3 Best Biceps Exercises

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3 Back Exercises For Women

If you’re looking to tone and strengthen your back, this article is for you. Take the 3 back exercises in this article, do them regularly, and you should see results pretty soon. I believe that these exercises are great for women who want to train their back for both appearance and health purposes.

One Hand Back Row

To do this exercise, you need a dumbbell and a workout bench. However, you can also use a sofa at home.

Take the dumbbell in your right hand. Place your left palm on the edge of the bench (or sofa). Bend your left leg and place the knee and shin on the sofa as well. Your right food should be on the floorand the leg should be straight. Your right hand should hold the dumbell over the edge of the bench above the floor.

Bend your right elbow and pull the dumbbell toward you until your feel that you can’t lift your elbow up any further without tilting your body. Lower your arms to the starting position for a complete rep. Do equal sets with both arms.

Seated Cable Rows

This back exercise is done at the gym, although you may be able to do it at home with a workout band, as long as you have something sturdy to tie it too, like the leg of a heavy table, for instance. I prefer doing this exercise with a single bar and not two handles, but this is something you can alternate between.

To do a seated cable row, grab the handle with both hands evenly spaced. Keep your back straight. Pull the handle toward your abdomen. Hold that position for a second and release this cable slowly. Make sure to pull the bar evenly toward you.

This is a great back exercise for women who want to tone their arms and back.

Pull Ups

I know that for many women, the possibility of doing pull ups seems remote. It does take a lot of upper body strength to do pull-ups and while it’s totally possible to do, you can work with an Assisted Pull Up machine at your gym. What an assisted pull up machine does is to negate some of your own bodyweight so you’re working against less resistance. The weight that you set up is actually the weight that you reduce from your own body weight. Doing pull ups is not just for men. You should do this exercise to work on your back, arms, and shoulders.

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