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Zulfiqar Mirza

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Zulfiqar Mirza boldly left his ministership and other titles on Sunday the 28th August 2011. He voiced some of the most wanted facts which lot of people knew in the counry but no one had the courage to say in the media.

While Pakistani media plays the drama of his resignation and tries to twist facts into fiction BBC wrote an interesting article about the man himself Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza. Here is the translated version of BBC Urdu’s article by Hasan Mujtaba Translated by Jamal Panhwar

Across the famous Phuleli canal of Hyderabad and enroute to the railway line going to upper Sindh there is an old neighborhood of Sindhis visible for its Alams and Imam Bargahs. This neighborhood is called Tando THoro or Mirza Muhala.

This neighborhood sits beside the The Lalu Khait of Hyderabad or Urdu speaking lower middle class community area of Preet Abad. The neighborhood that was center of activities in the not far past. This is the area where movements such as the movement of Mawlana Shah Ahmed Noorani’s Jameeat Ulema e Pakistan and the movement agains Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Pakistan Qowmi Ittehad were very popular.

In Tando Thoro Mirzas are called Garji, a word that comes from Georgia as it is said that during the war of Georgia and Iran young 2 brother were brought to Iras as prisoners and the Shah of Iran gave these kids to Talpurs of Sindh as a gift.

The kids from Georgia were Christians while Mirs were Shias but both the kids migled with the family and due to their intelligence and became wery popular in all circles of people due to their education and knowledge.

Mirza Qaleech baig was son of one of these brother, he became a scholar of Sindhi prose and was given the title of Shams Ul Ulma (Sun of the religious scholors) by the English. He wrote numerous books and became Tehsildar and retired as deputy collector of the region.

Shamsul Ulema Mirza Qaleech baig was indeed Sun for Sindhi literature and poetry he wrote the first Sindhi Dram and a novel. He translated many books from Arabic English and Persian into Sindhi.

Mirza families of Tando thoro also speak Urdu & Persian their some of their children are married to Urdu Speaking families also.

The ladies of Mirza family are famous Marsia singers and there were many poetesses among them. One of their elder woman was grand daughter of Moghul King Bahadul Shah Zafar.

Mirza families had diversed thoughts of religion, one of Mirza Qaleech baig’s son Mirza Ajmal Baig was Sunni Muslim and The early novelist Mirza Nadir Ali’s daughter Sherin Feroz Nana who herself was a towering lady was chritian by faith.

Grand fathr of Zulfiqar Mirza was deputy collector, he was from Mirza Qaleech baig’s family. His father Justice Zafar Hussain Mirza and Qazi family’s Qazi Abdul Majeed were brothers in law.

Zulfiqar Mirza’s wife Dr. Fehmida Mirza is daughter of Qazi Abdul Majeed Abid who was a minister during Zia Ul Haq’s regime and was an MNA during PPP government
Zulfiqar Mirza is elder son of Justice Zafari Hussain who is known as very honest and just person.

Zulfiqar Mirza became friend of Asif Ali Zardari in Petaro college when he was in 8th clas (13 years old).

Young Zulfiqar Mirza when reached at the Liaqat medical college he became president of Sindh people’s student federation.

He was very active during the protests against the imprisonment and later hanging of Zilfiqar Ali Bhutto. Intelligence and military agencies even raided at the house of his father during this time.

Due to his friendship with Asif Ali Zardari, In 1988 he was given the ticket of PPP to contest election for Badin as member of National Assembly

In 1996 when late Farooq Lighari dissolved the PPP government Zulfiqar Mirza became a wanted man and lived in some what hiding in his constituency.

Zulfiqar Mirza came in picture as test after the talks between Benazir Bhuto & Asif zardari with Musharraf government and ISA.

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