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Stomach tattoos for women

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Tattoos are becoming more and more popular and people want it on various parts of their body. The tattoos are usually a little painful if done in sensitive areas in your body, this is one reason why most people are scared of getting it done on their stomachs. The lower stomach tattoos are increasingly popular with girls, who love to flaunt an attractive tattoo around their belly points or under it. a stomach tattoo around the belly point with a stud is very common among the fashionable girl off late. Even as low waist jeans and g-strings get popular, girls want tattoos to gel with their styling.

Stomach Tattoos

Short spaghetti top with low waist jeans can mostly be seen with a tinker bell or star or a heart shaped tattoo shining out on their stomachs.While an arm or ankle tattoo is done with less pain, the stomach tattoos can prove very painful. So, before you set about getting a stomach tattoo, prepare yourself mentally for the pain. You must keep in mind that if you put on some fat around your tummy or loose weight, then the tattoo can disfigure or shrink and you may not get the proper look of it. Or if you get stretch marks due to putting on weight or reducing weight, the tattoos look horrible. Tattoos are no doubt for the life, so think well before you go for it. Because, once you are half through it there is no looking back, else you run the risk of getting a bad or half done tattoo. In case, you have determined to have a stomach tattoo, then you can go ahead with and there are many sources, from which you can select the ideal tattoo for your stomach.Stomach tattoos are different for men and women. While most men go for a bigger elaborate design like some tribal tattoos or some text written in different world fonts, women tend to go for two different tattoos well placed at both sides of their stomach drooping towards the lower abdomen. Some women also prefer to have a tattoo around their belly point with some ivy or motifs drawn in it. As the stomach area is big enough, the space constraint is not to be found. Even expert tattoo artists find it tough to draw a stomach tattoo as the skin around the stomach is very soft and stretch a lot. It becomes difficult to draw a full motif there. It is a good idea to do the stomach tattoos in two or more sessions so that you do not end up screaming.

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