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Pakistani Eid ul fitr Arabic henna tattoo And hand mehndi body art 2011-2012 Fashion UK News

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Henna tattoos UK and USA Mehndi body art Indian Celebrity 300x245 Pakistani Eid ul fitr Arabic henna tattoo And hand mehndi body art 2011 2012 Fashion UK News

As we have an already discuss that it is an human nature that they want more and more in their fashion and changes styles and trends in all  fashion. The mehndi or heena for women to apply on hands feet and arms is one of a popular trend to make hands feet and arms decorative and beautiful. In asia countries included Pakistan India Bangladesh all like to have an heena or mehndi as fashion but few countries like to have it as an tradition and as their religious festivals.
Mehendi Tattoos for EId e1312968078203 300x165 Pakistani Eid ul fitr Arabic henna tattoo And hand mehndi body art 2011 2012 Fashion UK News

But in Pakistan and Indian or some Arabian Islamic countries they all like to have mehndi on hands arms and feet on their all traditional occasions. Which includes weddings,eid and other some occasional parties in door outdoors. But in western Countries the tradition of having mehndi or heena is use as an tattoo is getting popular. It is getting popular as body art tattoos which is a way to tell your inner desires.Emotoinal desires of the soul with colors of heena and mehndi.designs shapes.The body art tattoos fashion is getting popular as an sensational trend in a whole world. It is a best way to get tattoo without pain. So here are some tattoos of heena pictures,mehndi heena designs for body,body heena tattoos designs fashion.

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