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I will welcome Meera with open arms: Mahesh Bhatt

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After the Pakistan government announced the third highest civilian award for Meera, one of the first few people she contacted on Thursday was filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, whom the actress had accused of abusing her physically only a few months ago .

Bhatt spoke of his reaction to the actress trying to reconcile with the filmmaker. Meera had acted in Hindi films, “Kasak” and “Nazar” a few years ago, when she was in India.

Meera has been awarded Sitara-i-imtiaz by the Pak government. What’s your reaction to that?
Normally, awards don’t mean much to me, whether they are for me or others. But since it’s Meera’s award, I am very happy for her. Woh ladki pagli hai, and it is also her madness that makes her so endearing despite all that she said against me a few months ago.

So, you forgive her all that?
Well, she was trying to call me on Thursday evening but I didn’t answer since I was busy and honestly, I wasn’t sure why was she calling as till then I hadn’t heard of her award. Then she sent me an SMS saying, ‘Bhattsaab, I am given pride of performance award from Pak govt for my work in the industry. I thank you for it and invite you to Pakistan to receive the award with me.’ Thereafter, I did speak to her and told her that I am very proud of her.

You think you were instrumental in her award since she does attribute it to you?
I have not contributed towards her award, which is what I told her too. Let’s give it to her, that woman spearheaded this whole Indo-Pak films exchange years ago. Given the background she comes from, without much education and exposure and being a complete nobody, she has achieved a lot in her career. Now, if her madness gets in her way sometimes, that’s a tragic flaw she must live with too. Yes, she did seem very moved by the fact that she had bagged this award, and felt that she must thank me for it. Maybe it’s her realization that she had wronged me some months ago by accusing me of such bizarre allegations as abusing her physically.

Does this mean Meera has found a comeback route into Bollywood with Mahesh Bhatt since you are also the one to have propagated this whole Indo-Pak films collaboration?
Well, if Meera wants to ever make a comeback, I will welcome her with open arms. I have always treasured her as a unique phenomenon and I continue to hold that. I grant her the craziness that makes her Meera and well… I am still there for her. If I can make films with, and for other Pakistani actors, why not Meera?

via timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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