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Fashion Ring Style Guide

From the inexpensive plastic one that you get at the discount store to the one encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones, rings have been worn by centuries as a fashion accessory or to make a statement. The styles of rings are endless but there is something for just about everyone!

Here is just a sample of the different styles of rings you can find:

  • The Claddagh. This style originated during the middle ages and was once worn as a symbol of betrothal. It is a part of the Celtic jewelry items that still exists today with somewhat different tones and styles that still represent the spirit of the Claddagh of love, trust, and faithfulness.
  • Beaded. Rings are made of beads that are woven into thread made of synthetic fiber or of metal wires in the form of various patters. Color is used to enhance the pattern and a center bead that is hand-painted may be used as a centerpiece of a woven metal ring.
  • Carved. Rings of wood, metal, bone, stone, or Lucite may be carved by hand or machines. They may be found in simple floral designs or intricately carved ones with elaborate detail.
  • Mood. Popular in the 60′s, these rings don’t go away for long. They are supposed to predict the mood of the person wearing them by the color they turn but it is really determined by the person’s body temperature.
  • Painted. These may be simply styled or may be painted in combination with carving. Usually, you will find them available in wood, Lucite, plastic or glass. They have a wide range of patterns available from tradition to contemporary and everything in between!
  • Stone. These may be made with real semiprecious stones or synthetics. Often, they are made with metal settings. These rings provide you with a way of coordinating jewelry with specific outfits or for choosing one in your favorite color since there is such a diversity of stones.
  • Resin. These are available in a lot of different designs that are out of the ordinary. Made from a blend of resin and dye, resin rings stand out from the rest.
  • Bands. Not only wedding bands, but fashion bands may be found in virtually any material, from narrow to wide, and worn on any finger.
  • Cluster. These rings have groups of smaller stones that are “clustered” into one setting.
  • Trinity. These are three rings that are worn together at one time.
  • Solitaire. Have a single large stone in the center which is often a diamond but can be other gemstones.
  • Eternity. Rings that have stones that are usually diamonds of the same cut and size and are set in one row that goes all the way around the diameter of the ring.
  • Dinner. An oversized ring that is set with non-precious or semiprecious stones.
  • Finger Armor. Spans from the base of the finger to just below the nail or middle of the second joint and it includes a bending joint.
  • Posie. Has a short inscription on its outer surface.

Whether you choose a ring because of its symbol or as a fashion statement, there is no end to the styles and colors you can find!

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