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Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

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A well-known secret of this lady: the key to success – a well-chosen ornaments. Each correct factionist’s clear that the modern jewelry – this is not an addition, but the creation of the image. Brooch, necklace or earrings can transform the most prosaic set and turn you from a Cinderella into a princess. Let’s see what will turn us this fall. The most current jewelry fall-winter season 2011/12 is presented from  new-Fashion-2010.com to its readers..

Designers have decided to please the fashion community and dramatically changed the guidelines. And if we had wanted to show of restraint, then this fall in jewelry trends that can be described with the phrase “over the edge.” The sheer size, unusual shapes, vivid colors.

I choose to strictly selects earrings to wear thin wrist boldly massive bracelet, complete cutout jacket an extravagant necklace of unusual shape.

How to combine: do not forget – the more complex and interesting accessories, the more “willful,” it becomes. Sometimes, a brooch can dictate the whole image. In the case of oversized jewelry, fashionable this season need to be careful and remember the sense of proportion. If on the catwalk of the big set of earrings, bracelets and rings may look advantageous, in real life is to give preference to one bright enhancement.

All metal jewelry simple and complex shapes, rings, coarse thread – aggressive and sleek lines, bronze, white and black light alloy metal, rocker studs and massive chains are the most popular elements of our fall and winter kits.

What to choose: precious metals, avoid! Time gold and silver this season have passed, and are replaced by alloys, whimsically create asymmetry form. Feel free to choose the most unusual and bold jewelry that previously would have looked out of place and defiant.

How to combine: to emphasize the cold shine of metal needed by a basic set of colors (gray, beige, blue, of the bright – orange and mustard). Plus to minus a plus: a complex combination of jewelry with a simple and elegant attire – and vice versa!

The combination of feathers, gypsy coins, leather, animalistic elements, leaves – in a necklace or bracelet! not an easy task to combine all this diversity, creating a unique jewelry to suit just you – the seasonal target for the true factionists.

How do I choose depends on the taste and imagination. This season, designers gave you a part of their duties, leaving you the right to combine your favorite items. Of ready sets have pleased Dolce & Gabbana.

How to combine: also depends on you. This fall, the boundaries and taboos have disappeared – the experiment was of paramount importance and will be the main trend up to the next season. So boldly combine string with beads, feathers, necklaces and pendants, beads – in short, create your collection!

Necklaces in several rows, layered necklaces, a lot of assorted bracelets – the more the better! Almost all the designers in their collections fall-winter 2011/12 presented a set of variations on the same topic.

How do I choose the designers have given vent to imagination: there are in the collections of both plain options and crazy mix of metal, stones, beads and fabric.

How to combine: bright beads – black sweatshirt over a rigorous, multi-layered monochrome set – in addition to the classic image. The rule of “tone in tone” and is working this fall – by choosing colors of ultramarine blouse, complete set of black-and-blue necklace in several rows.

Huge rings of all shapes and stripes – one of the most promising trends of the season. Designers indulge us variety – futuristic rings, unusual polyhedra entire installation on finger fashioner will fall favorites.

What to choose: there are practically no restrictions – flowers, leaves, or the strict geometry of the classical form would be advantageous to look at any kit.

How to combine: selecting a massive ring, do not lose their heads – in our reality you ring in the shape of the Tower would be relevant except in theme parties. But the big stones, unusual shapes, bright colors can easily be combined with a variety of outfits.

This fall, as well as the entire upcoming season 2012 can be safely dubbed the time of bracelets. Even those designers, who have little or no cost accessory in their collections, be sure to wear bracelets diluted. The main trend – many assorted bracelets, collected in a single decoration.

What to choose: a wide and heavy leather, thin metal chains, woven bracelets – designers indulge fashioner.

How to combine:  on top of the sleeves, picked up the tone in Washington, or as decoration thin wrists – it all depends on the number of bracelets. The more – the better! The most chic – to decorate his hand almost to the elbow.

As we see the coming season offered us many options and decisions. The main thing here – not to get lost and to remember that all jewelry in 2012 – an independent, very bright and the speaker element of the set. Each of us need a heavy dose of a sense of proportion and restraint, to control this riot of colors, shapes and sizes.

Fashion jewelry 2012 1 300x150 Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012


Fashion jewelry 2012 12 244x300 Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012


fashion jewelry trend 199x300 Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012


fashion jewelry trends 2012 300x150 Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012


latest fashion jewelry trends 300x181 Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012


new fashion jewelry trends 300x300 Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

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