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Office Decorating Ideas

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If you work in an office, you may be looking for office decorating ideas. Spending 40 hours a week or more in an office can take a toll on even the best of us, but with some simple office decorating ideas, you can transform a stale environment into a welcoming work place that you can enjoy. Additionally, by improving your office decor, you will likely also improve your production!

There are many simple and easy decorating ideas for your office that can be implemented on almost any budget. Even small changes can make a big impact on the overall feel of your office space.

One of my favorite additions to any office space is to simply add water. This can come in a few different forms, but most likely it would be the addition of an aquarium or small fountain.

An aquarium is a great addition to an office space. You can go with the easy to maintain freshwater fish tank, or you can look into the more interesting, but higher cost and maintenance addition of a saltwater tank. The fish you choose also can come in limitless shapes, sizes and colors, adding a personal touch and unique feel to your office.

The addition of a small fountain is another way to add water and tranquility to your office decor. A fountain with a soft background noise of running water can bring a soothing element to even the most fast paced office. One thing to keep in mind when adding a fountain, however, is the level of noise it produces. You don't want a loud or overpowering sound coming from your water feature. Rather, you want something soothing, think background noise. Not only will this add to your office decor, but it will also allow for a relaxing escape for those stressful days.

Another office decor idea is to add some green. Plants are a great addition to any office space. Be sure to choose a plant that will thrive in the light your office receives. If your office gets no natural light, you can also consider an artificial plant or tree. Again, this can add some tranquility to what may be a fast paced environment.

Another simple way to spruce up your existing office decor is to add new frames to your existing art. Frames come in many shapes, sizes, materials and colors. A new frame on an old piece of art can give it new life.

Likewise, to add new life to existing art, you can matt your existing prints. Adding some matting to your art will give it a more professional and neat look. Again, this can enhance your existing decor, and really will add to the artwork you have hanging already.

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