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Travel Agencies in Peshawar

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Abasin Travel

Address : 213 S.Ahmed Ali Building Sonehri Masjid Road,Peshawar,Pakistan
Telephone No. +92-91-5260914
Year Established: 1987


 Address : Ground Floor, Saudi Pak Building, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad
Telephone No. +92-51-111247258

Best Men Travel

 Address : 34-A Boby Shoping Centre Arbab Road Cantt,Peshawar,Pakistan
Telephone No. +92-91-5275002
Owned By: Qazi Akhtar Kamal
Year Established: 1992

Friend International

Address : Shop.4 Near Green Hotel Saddar Road Cantt, Peshawar,Pakistan
Telephone No. +92-91-5261809
Owned By: Hakeem Khan
Year Established: 2002

Green International Travel

Address : Shop.11/6 Main Saddar Road Cantt,Peshawar,Pakistan
Telephone No. +92-91-5261582
Owned By: Amin
Year Established: 2002


Address : G-3, Ground Floor, The Mall Tower, 35 Peshawar Cantt, NWFP, Pakistan
Telephone No. +92-91-4411544

Hira Travels

Address : 18-a Hussain Plaza Peshawar Medical Centre Khyber Bazar,Peshawar,Pakistan
Telephone No. +92-91-2590080


Address : Opposite Islamia College, Shakeel Plaza, University Road, Peshawar
Telephone No. +92-333-9350806
Year Established: 2009
ISO Certification: YES

Khyber Express Pvt.Ltd

Address : Shop No.1, Haroon Minsion, Khyber Bazar, Peshawar, Pakistan
Telephone No. +92-91-2212229
Owned By: Muhammad Junaid Qurashi

New Afghan Travel Agency

Address : G.T Road, Bilal Town, Peshawar,
Telephone No. +92-91-2217091
Owned By: Malik Hazrat Khan

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