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Applying for a student visa in Canada

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In Canada, Student Authorizations (student visas) are not required for English language courses that last less than six months. If your program will be longer than 6 months, you should apply for a Student Authorization at the closest Canadian Embassy or Consulate before coming to Canada. You cannot obtain a Student Authorization after arriving in Canada. You must obtain it before you come to Canada.

One document you will need is a Letter of Acceptance from the school.Keep this letter to apply for your Student Authorization at the visa office. People who apply for programs of 24 weeks or longer are usually asked to complete medical examinations. It sometimes takes two or three months for the Canadian government to process a medical examination report before approving a Student Authorization. If you cannot wait that long it is best to apply for a shorter program. The Student Authorization can be extended after you come to Canada.

You must be able to convince the authorities that you genuinely want to come to Canada to study, and that you will return to your home country when your studies have been completed. You must also submit all of the correct documents.

Planning - Before you apply for your Student Authorization or visitor visa, you must have: a valid passport, a Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian school, proof that you have enough money to support yourself for your entire stay in Canada.

Financial Support - You must be able to prove you can support yourself before a Student Authorization may be issued. A letter from your bank in your country and a written pledge of financial support from a parent will show immigration officials that you can afford your expenses while you are in Canada. These expenses include tuition, homestay, transportation, medical insurance, personal needs and return trips home

Character Reference - To be accepted by Canadian officials, you must prove you are a responsible person with no criminal record. You may be asked to provide evidence of this through your local authorities.

Health Standards - You must be in good health. You may be asked for a medical certificate if you have been living in a country with a high health risk.

Application - When you have all the letters and documents, you may apply for your Student Authorization at the nearest Canadian consulate, embassy or high commission. The Student Authorization allows you to study in Canada. Keep it in your passport.

Interviews - You might be asked to see an immigration officer for an interview. One purpose of the interview is to help the immigration officer evaluate you personally. The immigration officer will want to confirm that you have enough money to study in Canada, and that you will return to your home country when your course is completed. Therefore, you should be well dressed, well groomed, and on time when you go for your interview. You should behave in a positive and polite manner, even if the immigration officer does not. You should never lie to an immigration officer.

Fee - The application fee for a Student Authorization is CAN$125. You must submit this with your application.

Passports and Visas - You will need a passport and perhaps a visa as well. Canadian officials in your country can explain this to you before you leave. The Canada Visitors Visa is affixed to a page of your passport. It tells you the date you must arrive in Canada, the length of time you can stay and whether it is valid for one or more entries into Canada. When you arrive in Canada, you must show immigration officials your passport and visa. The passport will be stamped with the date you must depart from Canada. Check that this date is valid for your whole stay. If you need more time, ask someone at Language Studies International to help you apply.

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Shahnawaz Says: (Apr 11, 2012 -

I am very poor but i am ba student & m.S.Word , english language. Student
i am live in pakistan uper swat bahrain
if you are provid me a free visa . I was thankfull to you.
Muhammad Naeem Ashraf Says: (Sep 08, 2011 -

I want job medical laboratory tecanician
Thank you ! We have received your message.
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