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Earn Money by Typing Jobs

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Many people that I have talked to that are wanting to work at home, imply that they would like to find a typing job. Such jobs through employers are few and far between.

There are some medical transcription jobs if you have the highly specialized skills required. However, finding your own way to money typing at home may be easier then you may think.

Things You Need

  1. Computer 
  2. Typing disability. 
  3. Business cards 
  4. Resume (may not be needed) 
  5. Personality 


Get the education or job skills needed for a work from home typing job. You will need to efficient in general computer programs, internet research, and have a typing speed of at least 50 words per a minute. If you already have these skills, move on to step two.

Have business cards printed. You will need to have printed on the cards a statement or phrase describing your service you would like to perform. For example "Business Typing Services" or "Typing For You". Don't forget to add an email address, post office box, and your name.

Adapt your resume to show typing experience to match a work at home typing job. Typing jobs that you are seeking will mainly be contract work, so resumes may not be required. It is best to have your resume ready in case it is requested.

Visit area business' that may need your typing service. Business' that you may find a work from typing job from are usually small, that would not be able to hire other workers on a full time basis. You would offer your business as a personal service typing that would require no strings attached. This means that they are not required to hire you for a contact. The goal would be to have several businesses that would call you when they need extra help. Things you may be typing would include flyer's, newsletters, news releases, and companies policies and bylaws. (Some companies may have many employees, but it may be more cost effective for them to contract such work out).

Invest time in to potential business that you believe will benefit greatly from your home typing service. Show them how you can increase their productivity or sales. Car dealerships, Insurance agencies, and small print shops are great places to start. You can also contact commission based salesmen with a strong customer base. Show them how you can free up their time to do actual selling, but hiring you to do grunt paper work. 

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Waseem Khan Says: (Sep 26, 2012 -

I want make money through internet
Aqeel Zulfiqar Says: (Jun 26, 2012 -

I am a student, and working in saudi arabia in a company called ups.
my typing speed is up to 55 words in a minute.
i want to earn money by working on internet and join your team.
Muhammad Adil Says: (Feb 23, 2012 -

I am a student of m.A class and i want to earn money by working on internet and join your team .Thanks
Muhammad Arshad Siddiqui Says: (Dec 24, 2011 -

I am retired person from ptcl. I have 34 years experience. I need earn money by internet at home because i a disabled persons of 46 years old.
Hafiz Kashif Says: (Nov 02, 2011 -

Good website
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