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Honeymoon in India

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Eyeing on a special destination for your special someone? Well, why not choose India? Couples from all over the world come here to spend some wonderful moments of her life with her special person. India offers a wide variety of choices from beaches, mountains and extending to the gardens and forts. So, plan your honeymoon in India and pave your way to a thrilling journey and appreciation! Let’s take a look at some of the most romantic destinations where you can plan your honeymoon.

Goa as a romantic place

Goa is a hot honeymoon spot not only for the prominence of the domestic and international tourists. This absorbing state has a bit of everything, both for the introverted and the extroverted honeymooners. It offers newlyweds a chance to spend some great time together.

Best time

The best time to visit Goa is between October and March. It is considered an ideal phase, as the temperature remains at that time enjoyable and low, making your stay even more adventurous and enjoyable.

Holiday activities

Goa offers an entertaining place something for everyone. They can in a variety of activities from bullfights, beach sports, pamper rave parties, casinos, river cruises to big shopping malls and water sports.

Must visit destination

Some of the must visit places include beaches in Goa, churches, Dudhsagar waterfalls, nature preserves, spice plantations and fortresses.


The government will welcome you with unlimited fun and entertainment. Some of the activities you will also maintain casinos, discos, river cruises, nightclubs, bars and pubs, weekend gateways, bird watching and much more.

Romantic Cruises

River cruises have proven to be a major tourist attraction which proved an impulse for the tourism industry. Some of the cruises that you include an eye-Sunset Cruise, Sundown Cruise, full moon cruise, cruise, Dolphin Fantasy Cruise, Pearl of the Orient cruise and thrill backwater cruise.


Some of the houses in Goa are jewel board and Spa Resort Sunpark, Casa de Goa, Down-Da Village and much more.

Shimla as a romantic place

Shimla, a well-known romantic place, India is enjoying a wholesome climate and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and picturesque green hills climax. Numerous tourist attractions, good infrastructure and easy accessibility make it a place worth a visit. The fluctuation fields, streams bubbling sound and man-made buildings, together with rest and makes it all the more enjoyable.

Best time

If you want to keep a safe distance from the sultry heat, then you plan your visit in the months between April and July.

Holiday activities

Shimla has a lot for those eyeing a number of activities perfect holiday offer. For example, for trekking enthusiasts Scenic Drive and easy walks to decide. Tourists who have a knack for long trip driving can around the quaint villages, meadows, temples, river gorges and temples.

Visit to destination

Shimla serves as home to some exotic places like the summer hills, hills Jakhoo, Chadwick falls, Prospect Hill, and more. To the delight of the honeymoon, Shimla offers mesmerizing views of the Himalayas, the Christ Church, the royal box, the roller rink in Lakkar bazaar and shopping center.


Entertainment options in Shimla are endless, so you can go for any service that best suits your character. For example, shopping freaks have a gala time shopping at the mall, the Lakkar Bazaar, and Ram Bazar. If you are planning a trip during the peak season, you can be a part of the summer party winter carnival and ice skating.


Some of the hotels where you can plan your stay, such as hotel Silverline, Shilon resort, Aamod Resort, Hotel Residenz Baljees, Fairmount Hotel, Hotel Leela Regency name a few.

Jodhpur as a romantic place

If quaint villages, castles and heritage structures that fascinate you then you can add to your list Jodhpur. Also will have the opportunity to explore the ancient land of devotion, loyalty and love through unique village safaris. This safari takes you to comment on the interiors and help you with ample opportunity to talk with the natives. The newlyweds are sure to be impressed by the architectural splendor of the palaces and forts.

Best time

The best time to visit Jodhpur is during the months of March, August and October.

Holiday activities

Similar to Jaipur, Jodhpur also offers a variety of shopping from Mochi Bazaar Sardar Bazaar, Nai Saraak market, Kapra Bazaar, Nai Sarak Sojtai gate market and market. If you are planning a trip to Jodhpur in the course of October, then do not miss the colorful Marwar Festival.

Must see places

You can go on a romantic trip to the historic spots, and lakes and spend some moments of closeness with your partner. Some of the must see places that you are in your tour as follows-Mehrangarh, Phool Mahal, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Lake and Balsamand Mandore Gardens. This romantic places are safe, occupies a magical spell on you as well as your partner.


Jodhpur is known for its romantic myths and legends known. Interesting havelis, Bejeweled camels, colorful craft some of the entertainment you can go for. It is perhaps the ideal destination for those on a buying spree, eyeing the traditional jewelry, handicrafts and textile items.


Some of the palaces in Jodhpur are now converted into hotels and call for a comfortable stay. In simple terms, the hotels in Jodhpur the right touch of historical setting, the perfect atmosphere for a grand romance.Some the accommodation where you can plan your stay as-Rajputana Palace Hotel, High Pointe Hotel is set, Shree Ram International to Marvel Umed, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Fort Chanwa Luni to name a few.

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