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Honeymoon in Paris

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Eyeing canoodling on the best places and cuddle with your lover? Add romantic Paris to your list! Paris or frequent the city of love is a hot favorite place among honeymooners and you can not just limit themselves to a visit the same. To plan for a perfect picture romantic holiday, Paris may indeed be a good option! Check out some of the most romantic destinations to plan your travel
“Eiffel Tower” – we are all familiar with the name! But then there are other options as well, the Notre Dam and Arc de Triomphe, the two ways through which you can get high with your loved ones.

If you are troubled on their honeymoon in Paris, a visit to the palace of the Sun King, that Chateau de Versailles is a must. You can opt for a train so as to reach here! Just a few more minutes, and reach the cathedral of Chartres.

Do you want the lifestyle of kings and queens of experience? If so, then your stay at the famous George V. The other plan options include the Chateau d’Esclimontand French chateau.
Nature lovers have their own share of joy too. Paris is known for its remarkable gardens known and makes an incredible setting, too. To be more specific, is Luxembourg Gardens are believed to be a remarkable place for a honeymoon.

“French kiss” … The term is familiar to us almost all, but then how many of us actually needs to be done the same. What is here determines how many of us had actually been in France, embraced her and kissed her partner on a bridge over the river Seine. Honey Moon is a unique opportunity to take in life and if you are able to, with the extravagance, go for it! After all, nothing can be more romantic than taking honey the next bridge, walk to the center and get smooching.
There are some things that are better combined enjoy Paris as a big meal with a delicious bottle of champagne.

If you and your partner will love to celebrate, why not go for a free booze party in a trendy club or smoky restaurant. Look at any jazz club, cuddling, and do not forget to drink wine!
The idea of ??a picnic lunch is not bad when you are digging your romantic! With cheese mongers, fruit vendors, bakeries and pastry shops are, make sure you the perfect breakfast!

The Victoria Palace Hotel is a stylish place to plan your stay. Known for its excellent hospitality, comfort and luxury, but as a superb hotel in the world. Its padded wall tapestries and reminds us of the fifteenth century France by Marie Antoinette. However, if you on a more artistic or modern romantics looked, then select the Hotel des Academies et des Arts a reasonable option would be. The hotel is known for its luxury and ultra-stylish rooms. Both hotels are centrally located in the heart of the sixth arrondissement. Therefore, from planning your stay at any time, you can stroll for a walk through the streets of Paris, Champs-Elysees, the Louvre and Notre Dame.

Paris makes a great romantic dinner destination. If you are on a classic French eyed and elegantly prepared, try the food at Pierre Gagnaire. And if you want to taste modern French cuisine, try the cuisine at the Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

Romantic Destinations in Paris

  • Latin Quarter – This romantic place is a hot favorite among young honeymooners. Surrounded by river, this place makes it an ideal destination for picnics and walks.
  • Eiffel Tower As noted above, the area in the Rue Cler for its cozy restaurants and Market Street is known.
  • Champs Elysees-8. Arrondissement is located in the famous boulevards in Europe. This makes a large area for window shopping!
  • Romantic Activities in Paris
  • Honeymoon couples can in a series of activities to indulge here. Some of them include-
  • You can climb the Eiffel Tower at night. For an authentic romantic evening, plan your dinner at the Eiffel Tower and Moulin Rouge Show
  • You can also on the door of the popular Sacre-Coeur Basilica
  • The idea of ??wandering through the narrow streets of Ille Saint Loius is a great thing.
  • If shopping can in your head, you explore the exclusive boutiques of Capucine and St. Honore and department stores Galeries Lafayette and Printiemps.

Honeymoon Hotel Packages for Paris

Paris is a dream destination like no other city. Located in the heart of Europe, he opens it up to people in the inner sanctuaries. A striking contrast of vitality and decadence, a trip to this romantic city will help you with all of you in mind when planning for a holiday. Most packages offer a fantastic travel deals, combined with a sightseeing trip and accommodation. Honeymoon in Paris, in a word are indulgent and meets your needs and stimulates the senses. And if you want to make the most of your honeymoon, then you need to plan your stay in a luxury hotel. Some of the options that you can rely on-

  • Hotel Plaza Athenee
  • Splendid Hotel Etoille
  • Grand Hotel Leveque
  • Hotel Langlois
  • Warwick Champs Elysees
  • Hotel Kleber

Most of these hotels will help you with packages that are inclusive

  • Champagne on arrival
  • Daily breakfast
  • Airport Transfers
  • Round-trip
  • Visa fees
  • Half-day trip of your choice in Paris with guide
  • Tickets at Paris show
  • Romantic dinner cruise on the Seine with a gourmet dinner and wine
  • Custom Tour

Besides these, there are several hotels in Paris to agree to lucrative options such as Help

  • Beauty treatments
  • Half day cooking class
  • Excursion in and around Paris with a mini-bus and guide
  • Full day Loire or Normandy tours

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