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Pakistani Wedding

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Wedding in Pakistan

Shadi is a name used in middle eastern countries while it is a female name in Persian and in Arabic origin ("singer") or one with a beautiful voice. Also can refer to a Pakistani or Hindu wedding ceremony.

Arranged Marriages:

Arranged marriages are still prevalent in Pakistan. Marriages are often arranged within the family or within the same caste or ethnicty. However, love marriages are slowly becoming more common and acceptable in Pakistan.

Proposal Party:

Is a reception made in the bride's house, where the Groom parents and family elders asks for the Bride's hands from her parents. Once the wedding proposal is accepted the families read Surah Fatiha, which is the first surah in the Quran, and then tea and refreshments are served.

Mangni (Engagement):

Mangni is a formal ceremony to mark the engagement of the couple. It is usually a small ceremony that takes place in the presence of a few close members of would-be bride's & groom’s families. Prayer and blessings for the couple are recited and the wedding date is usually decided.

Mayoon or Mayun:

Mayoon is celebrated at the bride's house. Usually the bride's friends and close relatives get together at her house and they dance and sing.Generally bride's family give bangles and sometimes clothes to her friends, depending on what the family can afford. The evening also usually includes a henna where the women put designs in henna on each others' hands. The mayoon can last up to late night. The bride usually wears a simple yellow Shalwar Kameez. Mayun is a custom of the bride entering into the state of seclusion eight to fifteen days before the wedding. She is made free of all the chores and errands during this time. The bride and groom are not allowed to see each other after the Mayun. The beautification rituals begin during this time.

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