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Wedding Traditions

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The word “wed” is derived from the ancient Greek word for “pledge.” And that’s exactly what a wedding is, no matter what country it takes place in, no matter what culture it’s part of. To wed is to pledge yourself to another. There are few acts we perform that are more pure or more beautiful than the act of marriage.

Marriage is a bringing together. It is a bringing together of two people, of two families, or two tribes, or two villages, or even two countries. Marriage is that powerful. Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly. Marriage is a pledge meant to last a lifetime.

Yet it is one of the unceasing marvels that we are able to express something as basic as love and marriage in so many wonderful and touching ways. Such is the wonder of human existence. The ceremonies and the traditions may be different, they may seem strange or outlandish or they may touch feelings in us that we never knew we had, but there is something about marriage that is instantly recognizable no matter what the language.

World Wedding Traditions

Today's popular wedding traditions have evolved over hundreds, even thousands of years of people joining together in some form of matrimony. Some wedding traditions that have endured are based on blessing the couple with good luck; others are a means for the couple to convey their feelings for one another. Regardless of the wedding tradition itself, all wedding traditions share the same essential symbols of unity, happiness and prosperity; messages that stand the test of time. Traditions vary from culture to culture. Some are widely used in modern wedding ceremonies, while others exist only within a certain race or culture.The origin of most of our wedding traditions stem from superstitions, and are handed down by folk lore. Because of this you will find various legends of our most popular customs.

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