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Family Marriage

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Family Marriage (also called arrange marriage) is a marriage arranged by someone other than the couple getting wedded, curtailing or avoiding the process of courtship. Such marriages had deep roots in royal and aristocratic families around the world, including Europe. Today, arranged marriage is still practised in South Asia,[1] and the Middle East to some extent.[2] Other groups that practice this custom include the Unification Movement (Moonies). It should not be confused with the phenomenon of forced marriage. 

Arranged marriages are usually seen in Pakistani, Indian and African cultures, and are usually decided by the parents or a older family member.

The match could be selected by parents, a matchmaking agent, matrimonial site, or a trusted third party. In many communities, priests or religious leaders as well as relatives or family friends play a major role in matchmaking. 

The pattern of arranged marriage can be employed for other reasons besides the formation of a promising new family unit. In such marriages, typically economic or legal reasons take precedence over the goal of selecting a well-matched couple. Though critics are not always specific, criticism of arranged marriage usually targets abuses such as forced marriage and child marriage.

The main variation in procedure between arranged marriages is in the nature and duration of the time from meeting to engagement.

Proponents of arranged marriage believe that individuals can be too easily influenced by the effects of love to make a logical choice.

The principal diiference between arranged marriage and love marriage is that whereas in the former love starts after the marriage, in the latter 90% of love is licked off the moon before the honeymoon.

It is, therefore, difficult to predict the ideal sort of marriage. So ultimately it is up to the individual to decide whether he wants to have a love or an arranged marriage after all it is a question of being happy in love.

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