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Marriage Problems

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Comman Marriage Problems:

Problems are common in life. And the longer you live, the more problems will crop up to make your life interesting. Marriage is no exception since couples have to adjust continually their behavior to solve the challenges they face in their families. Experts research uncovered few common marriage problems families face.

Communication Breakdown

A pattern has developed where you feel like your spouse isnt listening or hearing you when you express your desires, needs, or concerns. Many of your discussions end in frustration or fights, and you both add to your marriage relationship by expressing anger instead of choosing your tone to achieve productive results.

Financial problems: 

The burden of bills can take a real toll on even a happy marriage. Budgeting and financial planning should be a shared responsibility, but often the burden falls on one spouse, and this leaves feelings of resentment, especially if there are questionable spending which don't benefit the overall family finances.

Lack of Sexual Desire: 

After years of marriage, it's not surprising that your sex life may start to feel a little routine, or even boring. This is an issue with every married couple. Often spouses are not able to communicate openly their sexual desires or fantasies for fear their partner will deny or reject them. The longer this goes unsaid, the worse the battle will become, and eventually, sex may become an unpleasant topic for everyone.

Lack of romance: 

You can't remember the last time your husband brought you flowers, or took you out to dinner. He doesn't open the car door for you anymore, and the best compliment he's given you lately was pointing out the green blouse doesn't make you look as fat as the blue one. Or maybe he doesn't even know you own a green blouse. In fairness to men, when is the last time you lit candles at the dinner table, or offered him a massage.


One of the most difficult marriage issues to overcome, adultery is usually a sign of a much deeper rooted problem in the relationship. It has little to do with the inability to resist temptation. It is typically driven by a need to feel loved and needed. Whether we want to admit fault or not, typically, after time, spouses get comfortable and start to take each other for granted. We go on the assumption the other person will naturally always be there, and we forget to show appreciation. Gradually, one (or both) spouse starts to find that appreciation elsewhere.

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