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Wedding Flowers

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Wedding Flowers (Marriage Flowers):

 Wedding Flowers are important elements for complementing bridal or groom look. They make bride and even groom beautiful.

Types of Flower Bouquet:

 There are various types of bouquet flowers and styles – there are bouquets made of a single flower or arrange by group of flowers, and bouquets which include abundant flower arrangements with many flowers and fresh leaves.

Choosing a Flower Bouquet: 

When choosing a bouquet keeps in mind the following tips: match the bouquet style to your height. Tall brides should have short and rounded bouquets. Short brides should have longer bouquets creating a heightening effect in photos. Match the colours of your bouquet to the colours of your wedding. Decide the types of flowers you wish to combine in your bouquet. Roses? White Lilies? Sun Flowers? Choose flowers fitting the design of your wedding or colourful flowers which harmonize with other colours at your wedding.

Color of Wedding: 

Flowers enhance the colour of wedding, they give the new look to wedding.different colour of flowers represent the different views of the people.So flowers are very much important for a wedding party.

According to Season:

Try to pick the flowers according to season. Seasonal flowers will appear fresher and last longer. Decide if you want to combine leaves in your bouquet. Make sure the flowers you insert have no stamens, so they do not stain your dress and your hand.

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