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IPV 6 is Being Tested By Google, Facebook, Mozilla & Many Others

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This news was published on 7 June, 2011 (Tuesday)

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Internet Protocol Version 6 that is also known as IPV 6 has been launched and it will succeed IPV 4. The internet protocol’s various versions were developed by internet task force and now they have released IPV 6. The new version is in the test phase and mainly Google has taken a step and it is testing IPV 6.

Now you all must be thinking that why IPV 6 has launched and what the reasons are.
The main reason for introducing IPV 6 is that internet was running out of the addresses so some new protocol was required that can also enhances the browsing experience. There are more than 400 tech companies’ webs and these companies will now use IPV 6 and the services of these websites are tweaked and upgraded for newly introduced internet protocol version 6.

It is said by the Google that most of the internet users haven’t observed the change. About .05% of the systems are involved in the testing of IPV 6 and the routers involved in this may not revert to IPV 4. By Its name it is clear that internet protocol is sixth time revised and it provides unique IP address for various internet devices for communication purpose. IPV 6 will use 128-bit internet addresses.

In future we will see more enhancements in the Internet protocol versions and the new versions will be launched by task force for the internet users. IPV 6 will boost the quality of internet browsing. In the test phase may be some websites gets slower because they have to be tuned for using IPV 6.

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