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iPhone 5 Release Date Theory: June 15th

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This news was published on 30 March, 2012 (Friday)

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Is it time yet for the iPhone 5 rumor mill to begin throwing around release date rumors? If so, how about June 15th — the last day of this year’s WWDC?

It’s surprising to me that the iPhone 5 rumor mill hasn’t jumped all over the articles surfacing today about how iOS 6 could debut on June 11th, the first day of what is looking like the 2012 WWDC at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. June 11th to the 15th have been blocked off for an unidentified “conference meeting,” which is ostensibly going to turn out to be the WWDC. Assuming that Apple will roll out an iOS 6 at this year’s developer’s conference and not a mere iOS 5.2, it’s a pretty safe bet that June 11th could be the day that iOS 6 is revealed.

But what about the last day of the WWDC? If you are in the camp of rumor followers who believe (or at the very least hope) that the iPhone 5 will be launched in June, wouldn’t June 15th be a reasonable guess for its announcement?

Speculation over the iPhone 5 release date has cavatated back and forth between June and sometime in the fall, with some of the more reputable tech blogs taking opposing sides and trading claims of inside sources confirming one or the other. Our own inside source in Asia told us back in November that the iPhone 5 release date would be in June. So, for me at least, June 15th seems like a definite possibility.

Supporting this notion is a recent stream of reports out of Asia indicating that production for the iPhone 5 is indeed ramping up. We heard from Reuters that 4.6-inch displays are being manufactured for the iPhone 5 in Korea in preparation for a June launch. We’ve also heard that Foxconn is flash-hiring 20,000 workers at the plant that would primary focus on assembling the iPhone 5. Most recently, we heard about Texas Instruments working on tons of power management chips for the iPhone 5 as well. These little production rumors are hopefully leaving a breadcrumb trail for us to follow towards a June 15th release date.

Of course, if you believe that Apple is definitely going to wait for the fall to release the iPhone 5, then June 15th has no positive value: it is simply going to end up to be yet another disappointing day for Apple users who were hoping for a “one more thing” moment that once again never came.


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