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Mobilink Vs Ufone

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This news was published on 11 December, 2012 (Tuesday)

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Telecommunication industry in Pakistan has extensively expanded since the last 7 to 8 years. The percentage of mobile phone usage has increased bombastically during these years due to the expansive network of these cellular companies and their fast update of new and unique packages. Before the year 2004, mobile phone was a symbol of elite class and only rich people were seem to have their individual mobile phones. After the year 2005, it has now become a necessity rather than a luxury to have a cell phone of one’s own. Today even a child of 12 years has his own personal mobile phone and parents are not at all hesitant to allow their children for having their personal mobile phones. All of it has become possible due to one single fact i-e cheap and vast availability of cellular networks.

Cellular companies have made it extremely easier for middle to lower middle class person to afford his/her personal cell phone. The variety of packages provided by these companies make them able to it. During this course of business, quality of networks is also affected to some extent but still there are some networks that don’t compromise on the quality factor and still comes to the top of the list of the telecom industry. Two top brands of telecom industry include;

1-Mobilink GSM


Evaluating the best among the above two brands is not a simple task so let’s take a look at the features and uniqueness of both of the above mentioned brands.

Mobilink GSM started its operations in 1994 hence it takes the title of “the first ever cellular brand of Pakistan”. Being the most initial operating body, it has the second most advantage of having largest number of customers but handling such a high percentage of customer retention was also not an easy task to take. The secret behind Mobilink’s successful customer retention policy is their selection of business class customer. Mobilink maintained the quality of its services by offering high valued packages that targeted the business and elite class people. The high prices of prepaid and postpaid packages not being affordable to lower class made it easier for it to maintain a standard and customer dealing.

Ufone, on the other hand also comes under the umbrella of top most telecom companies of Pakistan. Unlike Mobilink, Ufone was a bit late in starting its operations and due to this reason it was obvious that number of customers of Ufone would be lesser than Mobilink but it didn’t happen. Fortunately, Ufone succeeded in attaining almost equal market share as of Mobilink. The strategy behind its success is a unique one. While doing a SWOT analysis of Ufone portfolio, I came to know that Ufone’s strength is mere its marketing portfolio. Mobilink’s strategy of maintain a high standard seemed to lag behind the Ufone’s strategy of attracting the customers through brilliant advertisement and variety of packages targeting each and every class of people.

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