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Watch Agro Canal

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The Ago Canal proficiently depicts the rural and the pastoral life of Brazil in front of the spectators. While watching this channel, you are going to acquire a [precise knowledge on the agribusiness of Brazil.

The Agro Canal can truly be considered as one of the prominent television channels of Brazil. Being an integral part of the Brazilian Agribusiness, it chiefly focuses on the auction of animals. The channel even exemplifies on various other subjects of agribusiness.

With the mere innovation of technology, nowadays, the Agro Canal television is being available on the internet. Now, the spectators possess the sole liberty to watch Agro Canal TV online just by holding the mouse for a few seconds.

Variety of Programs

The station proffers with a wide range of programs in front of the viewers. The MS Rural Connection is one such noteworthy example. The programme chiefly highlights on all the well-known products of SBA, live telecast of the auctions and lots more.

Field Partners is another renowned program, which immensely focuses on the rural economy of Brazil. It is a very well composed one and provides information through the diverse mediums of news, pictures and music.

The Livestock Grill is another program which vividly emphasizes on the importance of raw materials. The very aspect of cooking has attracted a large number of audiences in the same.     

The Privilege of Live TV

With the mere advent of the Live TV, the channel has become widely popular amongst the various social networking sites. A large number of followers from every single corner of the globe can now be observed in the social networking sites like, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. The Live TV even exempts the viewers from the hazards of the frequency problems that used to occur initially.  


The Agro Canal is being transmitted at a frequency rate of 4190 MHz for Band C and 960 MHz for the L Band.

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