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Mod 2011 Hindi Movie Trailer

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Mod 2011 Hindi Movie Release Date

Release Date: October 7, 2011

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Mod 2011 Hindi Movie Review

Mod is an upcoming movie by director Nagesh Kukunoor, starring Ayesha Takia Azmi and Rannvijay Singh. The cast also includes Raghuvir Yadav,Tanvi Azmi and Anant Mahadevan. The movie is slated for release on 30th September 2011. The music of the movie is by Tapas Relia. 


The movie is about a 25 year old girl named Aranya (Ayesha Takia), who lives in a hill station called Ganga. She lives with her father, Ashok Mahadeo(Raghuvir Yadav) and her aunt, Gayatri Garg(Tanvi Azmi).Aranya’s father is the head of the local Kishore Kumar Fan club while her aunt runs a restaurant.Aranya and her father still wait for her mother who left them to pursue her dreams in the city.There is a shopkeeper, Gangaram, who has feelings for Aranya. In order to support herself and her father, Aranya runs a watch repair store where she ends up meeting a stranger named Andy(Rannvijay Singh).He comes back everyday to get his water logged watch repaired and leaves a 100 rupees note in the form of an origami swan.Later,Andy claims to be her classmate in 10th.Eventually, they fall in love.The story takes a dramatic turn when Aranya discovers the truth about Andy


  • Ayesha Takia as Aranya Mahadeo
  • Rannvijay Singh as Andy
  • Raghuvir Yadav as Ashok Mahadeo
  • Tanvi Azmi as Gayatri Garg
  • Anant Mahadevan

Director: Nagesh Kukunoor

Producer: Sujit Kumar Singh, Elahe Hiptoola, Nagesh Kukunoor

Story Writer: Nagesh Kukunoor

Lyricist: Mir Ali Husain

Music Director: Tapas Relia

Background Music: Tapas Relia

Cinematographer: Chirantan Das

Editor: Sanjib Datta

Sound Designer: Vipin Bhati

Costume Designer: Aparna Shah 

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